About us

Diens Corporation is a global trading company which connects with its global wings through their own in-house logistics. Diens maintains its 6 global wings in Bhutan, Bangladesh, India, Srilanka and China. Diens believes in creating a reputation in the world market by maintaining its standard throughout it's operation.

Diens Distribution

Diens distribution strategy is designed according to the requirement of target customers through the supply chain. Diens follows 3 mediums,

 Diens maintains international distribution routes. Our first route goes from

  1. China to other countries (such as USA, UK, Bangladesh, Canada, Botswana, Kenya, Sri Lanka)
  2. Second route is from Bangladesh to other countries (such as USA, Canada, Philippine or Malaysia )
  3. The third one is from India to other countries (such as Malaysia, Bangladesh and so on).

 Apart from these routes, we can also establish new trading channels as per the business requirement.


Current Trading Channels




Logistics Chain



Diens works on 4P’s effectively. These are: Price, Product, Promotion and Place. Diens focus on place the most. Place centralize all other element. Place is the point from which market is formed. Place depends the most in case of promotion. Place is the way to determine what sort of promotion to be applied. Promotion varies from place to place. Same sort of promotion can’t be used everywhere. (E.g. rural areas requires a different pattern of promotion. Whereas in case of urban areas a simple subtle promotion will do.) Then again price is fixed on the basis of economic status of that place which again depends of that place we want to create our demand in. Last but not the least comes categorizing of products. Products are to be categorized on the basis of the place. These 4Ps are Diens main target so far. A company looks for this 4Ps. That’s what makes them the ultimate target of Diens.


Target Market

Diens maintains total 7 different strategies for marketing. They are:

  1. Direct mail program: Diens maintains a list of wellknown corporate people and companies. In case of marketing any sort of product, these people are notified through mail to attract their attention.
  2. Electronic media campaign: In these era, electronic medium for campaigning is proved to be the most fruitful way for marketing so Diens follows this method effectively.
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  4. Magazines: Magazines are the offline ways and supposed to be the most popular way to create market demand for a brand new product. That’s what makes Magazines, flyers and newspapers the marketing technique for Diens.
  5. Word of mouth: Word of mouth is basically reference. As Diens maintains a list of some renowned companies and people and maintain a friendly relation with them, Diens get the privilege of reference from them.
  6. Social networking: Social networking of Diens is also proved to be an effective way for marketing as Diens doesn’t seem to have any bad record, it is quite good with social networking and quite effective in case of marketing.
  7. Public Relation: Diens maintains a neutral friendly relation with all of its clients which develops Diens public relation eventually and helps in case of marketing.
  8. Promotional Handout: Diens also use promotional handouts for promotions of its product.

Diens Logistics

Diens logistics, the assisting entity of Diens Distribution provides with the best outsourcing of supply chain management. It's the sister concern of Ahmed and Faisal international ltd (www.afil-bd.com) which have been an active limited company for decades since 1997. Diens logistics have been collaborating with Ahmed and Faisal international ltd in the seaport and airport activities. Diens is doing its best job ever by maintaining 4 branch offices all over the country. By the assistance of Ahmed and Faisal international ltd, Diens logistics is stepping ahead with marvelous jobs in and outside the boundary of its origin. Diens logistics deals effectively with local courier, warehousing. It also serves packaging facilities if required so. It made a record by clearing the products of its client in less than 35 minutes. Diens logistics is an organization which works on the basis of trust and belief. Assures you to be your trustworthy medium with the beliefs and beyond.


Diens EXIM

Diens EXIM is the customer service providing entity in which we provide you with all sort of information service regarding EXIM (Export-Import). It serves you information with logistics support in terms of Frade Forward, Courier and Clearing & Forwarding. It also serves you with documentary supports inclusive of IRC, ERC, EXP, ELC, LC, Insurance so on for international shipments. Any sort of information regarding international logistics is served here. This organization believes in clearing your dilemma.